DVD Studio Pro and Toast

Posted by scott regier 
DVD Studio Pro and Toast
June 26, 2001 03:41PM
<HTML>I know this isn't exactly an FCP question, but I think it's related. I am trying to burn DVD's with a brand new G4 superdrive.

I have exported the MPEG 2 video track (.m2vb) and the AIFF audio track (which I later converted to .ac3) out of FCP and into DVD Studio Pro.

In DVD Studio Pro, I created a very basic project with no menus and only one track, which is about 2 hours long. Next, I selected "build disc" from DVD Studio Pro, which exports the video and audio folders that I brought into Roxio's "Toast" software.

I have had inconsistent success with burning the DVD's at this point - out of 15 attempts, only 5 have worked. For the ones that failed, when I let the toast software verify the disk (after it is finished burning), I got at error message saying something like "sector 1543899 is unreadable. Verification failed."

Is there anything I can change to get better results? Does it help to let Toast verify the disk, or can I simply eject after it is finished burning and check it myself? Should I be "re-building" a new disc out of DVD Studio Pro before every burn, creating brand new audio and video folders?

Any ideas?</HTML>
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