Producers that don't pay!!!!!

Posted by Jeff C 
Re: Producers that don't pay!!!!!
August 24, 2011 07:13AM
Gotta say there's nothing worse than 'getting burnt' although in my experience these kind of people in any trade don't thrive for long due to the karma of their 'scum styles'. Also they can' hide their dishonesty for too long when word of mouths in play - no matter how talented they are at showing two faces, or more. i'm sure the dirty-washing in public' helped Jeff blow off some steam, though smiling smiley certainly not a style for us all though.

Things like changing deadlines agreed upon and moving the goalposts of a project on top of that, just to get out of paying you (in my case) yeah it's pretty filth but then hey some people are! . . . maybe he was just bitter that you wouldn't be working for him again? that kind of thing could well trip the ego of many producers - especially if they need you.

What goes around comes around . . .

ce-la-vie smiling smiley Bluey,
Re: Producers that don't pay!!!!!
September 18, 2011 01:33AM
Ok, I haven't read the whole thing. It happened to me once but luckily I gave him a finished file with low quality and he had to pay me first to get the full version.
Re: Producers that don't pay!!!!!
September 19, 2011 02:58PM
Congrats on a successful resolution. We all have been burnt at one time or another. With me, it was from my own ex partner in the biz

Re: Producers that don't pay!!!!!
September 20, 2011 11:49AM
scumbag comes clean, nice smiling smiley

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