Panasonic AGX 100B Anamorphic

Posted by spinfish 
Panasonic AGX 100B Anamorphic
October 25, 2011 08:23PM
Hi: In reading the specs for this older camera, it states that the camera includes anamorphic mode. Has anyone with this camera shot is this mode? Does this mean you do not need the lensd adapter as you would with the 100A model? Any comments appreciated. Cheers,

Re: Panasonic AGX 100B Anamorphic
November 04, 2011 05:31PM
I'll make a stab at this, seeing how no one has responded at all for over a week. I have a DVX-100B myself, but I have never used this mode. My understanding is that it is emulating anamorphic digitally, not optically, and even though the output handles just like real anamorphic, the quality is not as good, much like digital zoom can't match optical zoom.

Now that I've stuck my foot in it, maybe others will jump in to tell me how wrong I am, and in the process answer your question with authority.
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