Weel;y Rate for Doc

Posted by TroyChristian 
Weel;y Rate for Doc
December 06, 2012 10:54AM
Hello my trusted editor friends. Quick question to you as a favor to me.
Just got offered a contract in a non-union situation to edit a documentary film narrated by Leonard Nimoy. They want me to do 6 ten hour days.

Can you educate me on the current going rate (or range thereof) in your opinion? I have a ton of experience and bring their first time director a directors eye, but I am not featuring any editing hardware in a trophy case in my house - you know those little award thingys ...

Anyway, your shared knowledge would be as always, appreciated.

Also, there is a spot on the team starting immediately for an kick ass AE/FCP (mostly AE) editor that works now through most of January as well. And the decision on that will be up to me for the most part. So if you on any of our people are looking for work we can take it off the forum to troychristian@mac.com

Thanks a million and happy holidays!!

Re: Weekly Rate for Doc
December 06, 2012 01:04PM
clearly I can edit but not spell ...
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