Updating ProApps QuickTime codecs 1.0.4

Posted by Scott Taylor 
Updating ProApps QuickTime codecs 1.0.4
March 17, 2014 05:27PM
I have seen warnings in the past few months that users of FCP 7 should not install this update. Is that still the working wisdom? What specifically does it break? Is there any recovery path if you install it and find that FCP 7 doesn't work right any more? I'm slowly transitioning to Premiere, and wonder if the same warning applies to it? It's really tedious to specifically bypass this update as other updates come up and I'm afraid I'll hit "update all" some day and mess things up.

All wisdom appreciated.

Re: Updating ProApps QuickTime codecs 1.0.4
March 17, 2014 07:03PM
The following is anecdotal evidence so take from it what you will.

The previous update (1.0.3) broke playback on 10.6 on a system I administer. There were some fixes out there on the web that entailed replacing codecs but it is trial and error to get it working. The best solution, if you must run the update is to back up the system drive completely (Carbon Copy Cloner, Time Machine etc.) run the update and if it borks your system, revert to the backup.

The problem with the update is that it is mostly codecs for FCPX and, at least on older OSes they aren't compatible with the old FCP frameworks.

Can't speak for 1.0.4 but 1.0.3 had nothing in it for FCP7. It was all FCP X and QT X components.

Sleeplings, AWAKE!
Re: Updating ProApps QuickTime codecs 1.0.4
March 17, 2014 11:13PM
Thanks for your thoughts, Andrew. It looks like there's nothing certain, oh yay. The codecs that are included seem to be ones that I thought I already had covered (and only a few I care about) but I can't abide losing playback. Do you (or anyone) know what the effect on Premiere Pro would be? I am running OS 10.7.5 on one machine (not upgradeable) and 10.8.5 on the other (can go higher). Do either of these have known specific issues with the update? Hoping to hear from others with more info.
Re: Updating ProApps QuickTime codecs 1.0.4
March 20, 2014 01:09PM
Premiere is fine no issues that I know of.

Re: Updating ProApps QuickTime codecs 1.0.4
March 20, 2014 07:43PM
Good to know, Gerard, thank you. That's where I'm headed, but I still have a soft spot for FCP7.

Even though Premiere is claimed to "almost just like" FCP, I'm having a hard time getting comfortable with it. Any basic publications or web sites recommended for getting oriented? Adobe has some nice video tutorials, but they tend to be very narrow focus. I'd like something that specifically addresses the transition issues if there is such a thing.
Re: Updating ProApps QuickTime codecs 1.0.4
March 28, 2014 01:43PM
Hi Scott, what sort of sticking points do you have in Premiere? I find Premiere to be rather similar to FCP but much better in many areas. There are a few differences to remember, so if you have an questions feel free to ask. There's The Other NLE's forum right here on the LACPUG where you can direct your questions if you have any.


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