SCSI RAID disappears, won't mount

Posted by John K 
SCSI RAID disappears, won't mount
October 15, 2014 10:39PM
I have a MacPro 1,1 with a G-Tech SCSI Raid (lvl 5) and ATTO PCIe adapter card, which has been running pretty solid for years now. Today, just before a meeting I went to plug in an HDMI cable into the Blackmagic Intensity card (mounted 2 slots below the ATTO SCSI card) so I could play a few video files off the RAID onto a monitor. Then really weird things started to happen.

The Blackmagic card only output audio, no video. And then files and folders started disappearing off the RAID as I watched, followed by the disk icon changing appearance and finally the RAID disappearing from the Finder. BIZARRE.

I shut everything down and did some troubleshooting: unplugged/replugged the SCSI cable, reseated the SCSI card, reinstalled the ATTO driver and config tool, repaired permissions and restarted multiple times. The RAID will not mount. It doesn't show up in Disk Utility nor can I access it's web interface via the IP address shown on it's display. The RAID seemed to run a full diagnostic when I rebooted it and no errors were reported. The ATTO card seems to be OK according to it's config tool.

Could this have happened from just plugging in an HDMI cable? I usually don't mess with plugging in anything while the Mac is running but I figured an AV cable was safe. Regardless, why won't the RAID mount if everything seems okay? If a disk had gone down then I would have expected an error message and option to replace and rebuild. Has anyone ever seen this type of behavior before?


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