Any service shops that can convert an old FCP Studio2 (FCP6) into an EDL for Preimeire Pro

Posted by mark@avolution 
All of our Macs have been decommissioned, but I still have some old
projects with the media and fcp files that have backed up on Mac formatted external drives.
I have hfsexplorer.exe, so I can mount Mac formatted drives on my PC.

I may have to edit an older piece, but never made EDLs as I thought we would never switch
to PCs for editing.

Anyhow, I have access to the media and fcp files, but I would need a serive shop that
can convert the fcp files (by itself) to an EDL, so I can port the assets back into PP.

It would be problematic to send the fcp files + the media, so I wonder if it can be
done for just the FCP file.

The XML (not the little EDL) that FCP7 exports from a sequence does show whether a file is connected or not. If it is connected there is a "path" data line after the "name" data line. If it isn't, there's just the "name" data line. There's no other difference in the XML's.

So, you can bring your old FCP6 project file to anyone with FCP7 (or probably FCP6) and get valid XML's exported from it. You can deal with the reconnections later in Premiere.

Dennis Couzin
Berlin, Germany
That sounds promising, thanks!
Re: Any service shops that can convert an old FCP Studio2 (FCP6) into an EDL for Preimeire Pro
June 15, 2015 03:23AM
this could help:

The old Mac died and even though I can access the data from an old
Mac backup drive with
hfsexplorer.exe on a Windows 7 PC, there were never any
edls or xmls ever.

I will have to find someone with FCP6 or FCP7 to do the XML
as our old FCP6 is dead, dead, dead.

Nick Meyers Wrote:
> this could help:
> []
> e-from-final-cut-pro.html
I'm still on FCP7 so I can do it. Drop me a PM.
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