type 2 error

Posted by J 
type 2 error
June 28, 2001 07:10PM
<HTML>I was editing a project on FCP 1.2.5 and everything was going well. The next day I tried to open the project and FCP would quit because of a type 2 error. All my other FCP projects open up fine except this one that I am working on. Is there any way to open this file and salvage the sequences I've already edited?

I've already tried to upgrade to FCP 2.0 and that doesn't work. I have 200 mgs RAM allocated to FCP on a G4 450 mhz. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Re: type 2 error
June 28, 2001 11:50PM
<HTML>This happened to me once. Give FCP as much memory as the system can afford, then try to relaunch that project. I've discovered that if you have a ton of clips in the timeline that were highlighted before a Save opreration, when the project tries to open you get that type 2 error.

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