Capture This, Please!

Posted by Mike 
Capture This, Please!
June 29, 2001 11:22PM
<HTML>Just wondering if Apple has any plans soon to fix the capture problems with Final Cut Pro 2.0. I have the software installed on a G-4. I shoot with a Canon XL-1. When I try to batch capture eveything stalls after a few seconds. The only way to input video is to do it manually with the "now" button. However, the batch capture feature does work fine with my small Sony DV camera. Anyone have info on a patch fix?</HTML>
<HTML>Well this sounds like more of a settings problem than a bug. Many folks are having no troubles with capturing from a XL1 so it's certainly cannot be classified as a bug.

Tell us your settings with 2.O and everything pertinent to this problem including system, type of HDs, ram allocation version QT, OS etc.

Re: Capture This, Please!
June 30, 2001 01:18AM
<HTML>Here's the set up: 60 gig IBM HD, Mac OS 9.1, 448 mb built in memory, 195,000 min allocated....200,000 pref, Capture settings: Device Control is firewire ntsc, capture/input is dv ntsc 48 hz.</HTML>
<HTML>Are you capturing to your system drive? Is that the only drive you have for your media? Have you tried another FW cable?

Re: Capture This, Please!
July 02, 2001 03:27AM
<HTML>No. I have a separate drive for video storage and I recently changed my fw cable.
The reason I suggested this was a batch capture bug was because of numerous posting at 2-pop from people who were complaining about the same type of problem.
I guess I'll have to live with it until someone has an answer or Apple address comes up with a fix.
Thanks for trying to help.</HTML>
<HTML>Have you gone into your Audio Video Settings and changed protocol to FIREWIRE BASIC? Might try that.

Re: Capture This, Please!
July 03, 2001 12:06PM
<HTML>Michael: For some reason I can't find a firewire basic setting. The only option available is something called generic capture. Maybe I'm not looking in the right place.</HTML>
<HTML>I screwed up. My head is stuck in the 1.2.5 days and I forgot that there IS no Basic Settings. Can't remember what that Generic Capture settings is. Why not try it and see what happens. BTW, I was with a friend yesterday and we captured media from a XL1 to his G4 533 without problems. Don't know why the XL1 is so problematic with FCP for so many folks. I'm stumped.

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