nasty halo with keying
June 08, 2005 11:17AM

I've been editing several persons in front of a bleu screen shot with Dvcam camera (no budget for a Beta sad smiley
Got a reasonable clean pictures but- wich is always the most difficult part- I still got a dark halo around the person and especially the moving hair keeps 'flickering'. I used matte- color- and spillsupression filters and experienced a lot with it. The background is also a moving image.
Any idea what to do the get a proper key?

Greg Kozikowski
Re: nasty halo with keying
June 08, 2005 12:14PM

One of the things DV did to fit on that little tape was to reduce the quality of the color, never all that great to begin with. Keying through Hair, Smoke, Glass, and Water has made people crazy for about 40 years now.

There was an extensive discussion about this further down:


Re: nasty halo with keying
June 08, 2005 02:07PM
The best DV keying program I've heard of to date.


- Joey

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