send to soundtrack pro audio file project - grayed out

Posted by Darren Purcell 
HELP! I am sure this is a stupid oversight on my part, its been that kind of month, but can anyone point me in the right direction. Why would this be grayed out???

Thanks in advance,
Re: send to soundtrack pro audio file project - grayed out
June 08, 2005 11:49PM
Hi Darren

Being hearing about this lately from others. Post this on our Sountrack Pro Forum. Hopefully an answer will be forth coming soon


Michael Horton
I came across the same problem on a job I'm finishing off right now.
Luckily I had some clips that did work, so they helped as a comparison.

In my case, I found the clips that worked had been captured on another system with FCP4 and were Stereo (info found via the Analyze Clip function).

All the clips that didn't work had been captured into FCP5 and were listed a dual Mono audio (again with the Analyze tool).
I tried recapturing, checking that the little "stereo" button was selected in the L&C window, but to no avail. I ended up with dual mono again, and the option was grayed out.

So i took the clip (one long 25min segment) and re-exported it from Quicktime Pro as DV PAL, making sure audio was set to uncompressed STEREO.

Lo and behold, the Analyze window tells me it's a stereo clip and the export to SP works perfectly.

Not a solution obviously as I had to reencode and therefore lose quality, but I have no time to fiddle. I'm sure capturing a stereo clip straight into FCP5 is simple enough !!!

One solution.
Hope it helps.

All the best.
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