QMaster for speeding rendering with Final Cut Pro

Posted by JoeE 
QMaster for speeding rendering with Final Cut Pro
December 02, 2011 06:06PM
Cutting a series by myself and the only glitch is that rendering time for Final Cut Pro really cuts into my day. The show is graphics heavy so most clips have some compositing necessary. If I buy another CPU and set up QMaster would it speed the rendering on the timeline? Sorry if this is an elementary question but I'm just confused as to what exactly QMaster does.
Re: QMaster for speeding rendering with Final Cut Pro
December 02, 2011 09:17PM
Qmaster manages distributed rendering for Compressor, meaning that you can set it up to process multiple frames on different computers or even on different cores of the same computer. This can save a lot of time for long sequences.

However, this is not available when rendering in Final Cut Pro nor is it available when sending to Compressor directly from FCP. The only ways to speed up rendering in FCP are to upgrade your computer or reduce the complexity of your project by compositing your graphics in another package and importing into FCP as a QuickTime movie.

If your timeline is already fully or partially rendered, you can save time by exporting as a reference movie (not self-contained) and importing that into Compressor, where you will be able to use Qmaster to save time. This workflow and other hints are discussed here:

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