Compressor: converting CCTV .H64 codec videos

Posted by vt81400 
Compressor: converting CCTV .H64 codec videos
October 04, 2014 08:13AM

Is there a .64 codec for my compressor to convert this unreadable format by converters etc. to a readable format i.e. .mov please ?

i would like to convert CCTV footage from iDVR CCTV recorded application (runs on windows) with extension .H64 to normal .mov or .avi files to allow viewing from DVD and handle to justice personnel for a case.

Insofar, under PPC MAC OSX 10.5.8 leopard, i have no choice exporting or even opening this format. I tried mpeg streamclip and other converters but none is reading it.

I cannot read the file at all on my mac.

any help would be appreciated.

Vassilis Triantafyllidis
Re: Compressor: converting CCTV .H64 codec videos
October 04, 2014 08:48AM
If you don't have the codec, no conversion program will read the files. I found a link or two online for converters on a Windows platform, but I didn't notice anything for Macs. Do a Google search. But I don't know why you'd want to convert to AVI files. That's an ancient wrapper format, and if you were trying to burn video DVDs, those files wouldn't work, and would necessitate yet another round of compression for you.
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