FCPX on latest entry level MBP

Posted by Dom Stevenson 
FCPX on latest entry level MBP
June 26, 2011 04:23AM
Looking at the entry level 2011 13' macbookpro 2.3 with Intel HD 3000 graphics card. I'll be adding a 256 GB SSD and running a 24" monitor (not sure which one yet. Any ideas?).

Anyone running FCPX on this machine?


Re: FCPX on latest entry level MBP
June 26, 2011 04:44PM

So many people indulging in the - rather tedious IMO - hyperbole of the X hatefest, you can't even get a simple question answered around here.

I'll come back when everything's settled down.

In the mean time, i'm finding lots to like about the new app, though i realise it has major shortcomings for many. But with Steve Martin's excellent Ripple download as my guide, there's much to admire too.
Re: FCPX on latest entry level MBP
June 26, 2011 04:49PM
Your system meets the minimum requirements listed here:

I can't vouch for how well it runs as I'm on the 15".

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Re: FCPX on latest entry level MBP
June 26, 2011 05:55PM
Thanks John. I know it meets the requirements, just thought it would be good to get feedback from someone actually using that model in FCPX.

I guess i can have a play on one of the machines in Regent's Street before i take the plunge.

Btw, Loving the new range selection tool. Very cool. As is the audio sync. This app is really growing on me.
Re: FCPX on latest entry level MBP
June 26, 2011 06:49PM
Wow Dom, you waited a whole 12 hours from your initial post to bash why people aren't responding to you on a Sunday on software released 5 days ago?

Sheesh is right.
Re: FCPX on latest entry level MBP
June 27, 2011 02:58AM

LOL. Yes, jumping the gun a bit. And yes it's Sunday (or was). Not bashing anyone, just noticing the forum has been taken over by the X hatefest. Meanwhile i'm enjoying the new program.
Re: FCPX on latest entry level MBP
June 27, 2011 08:46PM
I'm using a 2.66 GHz MacBook pro with 4 GB of RAM, and FCP X runs reasonably well for me. I have tried it in 32 and 64 bit mode, and with my memory, it kind of goes all Akira on me (i.e. gobbling as much power as it can possibly find until it explodes).

Also running it reasonably well on the last gen Mac Mini Server.

Suggestion: Be prepared for crashes. Locate the ~/Library/Preferences/com.apple.FinalCut.plist file and trash it if you can't relaunch. I've had to do it a few times. Luckily, the keyboard layouts are stored elsewhere, so you won't lose those.

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