FCPX: Which flavour of ProRes

Posted by Rignold 
FCPX: Which flavour of ProRes
March 05, 2012 10:26AM

When you transcode your camera or other files in FCPX I'm told it converts it to ProRes. Which ProRes is it? HQ, LT......? Can choose which ProRes it transcodes to?

Re: FCPX: Which flavour of ProRes
March 05, 2012 11:32AM
You can choose ProRes 422 (standard), ProRes 422 (HQ) or ProRes 422 (Proxy). FCPX does not offer ProRes 422 (LT). Which one to choose is up to what camera you shot the footage with, and what codec. Need more info!
Re: FCPX: Which flavour of ProRes
March 05, 2012 12:02PM
Thanks Russ. Where do you get to choose which ProRes to use?
Re: FCPX: Which flavour of ProRes
March 05, 2012 12:47PM
When you create a "New Project". And you can tell what flavour of ProRes you want when you Export.

When you "Import" media. Make sure you check, "Create optimized media"
Re: FCPX: Which flavour of ProRes
March 07, 2012 03:37AM
hum... let's answer Rignold question

1 - At import, checking "Create Optimized Media " will give you ProRes 422

2 - When you create a new project the choices have nothing to do with the codec. The FcpX project is codec agnostic.

3- When exporting... then you can choose what ever codec you want, including any flavor of ProRes. (Including LT)
Re: FCPX: Which flavour of ProRes
March 07, 2012 10:29AM
You are right. You can pick ProRes LT on export. But why is it that FCPX lets you can pick a codec like ProRes LT and others when you create a new project? Is your project really a ProRes LT if you pick that? I don't see the point if all your footage is transcoded to ProRes (standard) if you import, checking "Create Optimized Media".

I guess it's just one of those things!
Re: FCPX: Which flavour of ProRes
March 08, 2012 04:04AM
I am no sure to fully understand you...

did you read point " 2 " above ?

The FcpX project doesn't let you pick anything related to ProRes or any codec !

The FcpX project - it self - cares about

- Format
- Resolution
- Frame Rate

and you can render and / or export ProResed as you want.

If it is your question : Temporarily rendering Proxy ProRes can help you saving time and disk space
Re: FCPX: Which flavour of ProRes
March 14, 2012 12:37PM
I haven't tried this, but I'd imagine that if you wanted to work in undiluted ProRes 422 HQ you would have to transcode your camera files directly to ProRes 422 HQ with a third-party program, then import the transcoded files into FCPX without checking the "Create optimized media" option. You could then edit your project and export at HQ without ever having been down at regular ProRes 422. The alternative is importing camera files with "Create optimized media" checked, which creates regular ProRes 422 files for editing, and then exporting at HQ, which doesn't make sense in most cases.
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