Help Please: FCP X Keeps deleting some of my proxy files.

Posted by hoyoscata 
Help Please: FCP X Keeps deleting some of my proxy files.
July 05, 2013 05:40PM
Hey all,

So this is my first project on X after using 7 and I'm having a stupid problem that I don't seem to be able to fix.

After I had made all my proxies I accidentally disconnected the drive without ejecting it. Of course FCP X freaked out and I had to quit. Next time I launched it, it said that there were some corrupted files and that in order to protect the project, it was going to delete them. When I saw what the damage had been, I realized that more than half of my proxies were gone, I kicked and screamed but sat back down to transcode them again. This was last night. I closed FCP X, made a back up by copying files drive to drive (not with the cool "duplicate" feature) and went to bed.

This morning I tried to open FCP X and to my surprise, almost the same files that I had transcoded a second time were gone again. I looked at the proxies on the back up and they're there so by last night the files were transcoded. I copied the missing proxies from the back up to the main drive hoping it would read them. When I opened FCPX again, it didn't see them and when I looked at the drive through the finder the files were gone. This makes me think that every time FCPX opens, it deletes the proxies, I guess thinking that those are the corrupted ones.

Then I tried to open my project from the back up drive and FCP X doesn't even recognize the files on there. I looked for the event from within FCPX but it just doesn't show up and then I tried to open the file directly from the back up drive and it opens FC but then a sign comes up saying that I should try opening that file from within FCPX so I'm screwed right now.

Any thoughts?

Re: Help Please: FCP X Keeps deleting some of my proxy files.
July 06, 2013 11:46AM
Since I don't want to start with wrong assumptions...
You created the proxies within FCPX?
You know how to relink to created proxies vs original or optimized media?
You mention you copied files. If you didn't do this inside FCPX it can confuse FCPX since it does file id metadata so it knows which is which.

BTW you may want to confirm that you're on FCPX 10.0.8.
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