Separate audio channels?

Posted by paulwatson 
Separate audio channels?
November 29, 2013 04:15PM
Is there a way to capture footage so that the audio channels are separate and not mixed together? I record two audio channels on tape and need to adjust them separately from one another, yet all I can get with the "import" is the two mixed. Currently I need to capture in an older version of FCP, mix them there and then move the footage to FCPX to get it in the timeline for final editing. Such a waste of time.

FCPX 10.0.9
capturing via firewire to thunderbolt adapter
Footage is DV and DVCAM
I have tried several different devices for playback to FCPX but all results are the same.
Re: Separate audio channels?
April 21, 2014 11:25AM
Even using media shot on an SD card and importing them directly from the card, I still get the two audio tracks wedded. I know 2 tracks are available, because I have seen them upon detaching the audio tracks from the video. Now, how do I get to use both of them?
Re: Separate audio channels?
June 04, 2014 07:01PM
In the inspector under the audio tab is an option to change the audio from stereo to dual mono. Then highlight your clip and under "Clip" (at the top of the screen) choose "expand audio components". You can now adjust separate audio tracks. Option + left mouse click will allow you to add keyframes for adjusting.
Re: Separate audio channels?
May 19, 2015 08:06PM
Thanks, I needed that! Now I don't have to use 2 versions of FCP just to do audio work.
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