Can FCP 10.1 store only the footage used in a timeline as well as the edited timeline as FCP7 does using Media Manager?

Posted by RoGo 
I have been shooting wildlife for about 15 years. I edit the footage and store it on RAIDs. I have used a variety of Canon camcorders going back to tape. I now use Canon XA20 and my workflow for editing and storing footage is that I use Final Cut 7 to make a 60 minute edited timeline and use Media Manager in FCP7 to place each timeline on the RAID so I don't take up space with footage I don't want to save. I then use selected clips from the RAID timelines in FCP 10 to make videos on different subjects.

I would prefer to use FCP 10 to do the editing to produce a 1 hour timeline to be stored on RAIDs but FCP 10.0.9 (the version I have now on my computer) saves all the footage even if it isn't used in the timeline. My understanding of the new FCP10.1 is that one can use libraries to save a timeline and my question is, does this eliminate saving the clips or parts of clips that I don't want to save because they are out of focus, too long, etc. In other words, does the FCP 10.1 library function as Media Manager does in FCP7 or will it save all the raw footage from the timeline including clips and parts of clips not used in the timeline stored on the RAID?

Thank you for any help you can offer.

Ron Goor
You could use final cut library manager rethink it was £20 but there is a tutorial at the home page of this site

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