Automatic export

Posted by sf27 
Automatic export
November 21, 2016 03:22PM
I work in retail marketing and I need to analyse consumer behaviour inside a supermarket.
There are 20 different types of in-store actions that I want to monitor (e.g. customer accesses smartphone while selecting products, customer looks to bottom shelf, and so on).

I have the means and the permission to record.

What I'll have to do is watch the whole footage and every time someone does one of those 20 actions, I need to mark/flag that action with a marker for that action (bear in mind that I have 20 different actions therefore I'll need to be able to mark differently each of the 20).
Then, after all footage is reviewed, I'll need to be able to automatically export all the clips of each action. E.g., I need to export all the times that a customer used the smartphone.

Can I do that with FCP? Is FCP the best tool?

Thanks in advance!
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