FCP 7 Editor Wanted for Weekly Web Series

Posted by davidfr1 
FCP 7 Editor Wanted for Weekly Web Series
June 19, 2012 03:40PM
I have my MFA from USC in production and I have been producing a movie and TV review show called JUST SEEN IT for the last year and a half where a group of USC film students review the newest in theaters and on TV. We have created 275 video review shows and are the most informative, professional and entertaining review show on the web. Check us out at www.justseenit.com or on YouTube at JustSeenItReviews.

I am looking to add an FCP editor to my amazing post crew. Each show is shot with four cameras with about 20 minutes of footage that is turned into the 5-6 minute show. We shoot four shows every Sunday. You must have a car, fast internet access and a fast MAC with FCP 7 and great headphones or speakers. Everything is done via YOUSENDIT, email and texts.

I am financing the show on my own right now so pay is $50 per episode. I am actively shopping the show with the hopes of getting it picked up so I can pay union wages. I have edited many of the shows myself, and once you get experienced at our process, it takes just a few hours to cut an episode.

After 275 shows, I can assure you that if you come work for JUST SEEN IT, you will learn a HUGE AMOUNT.

If you are interested, please watch our most recent shows, and email me your thoughts on what works and what could use improvements, along with your resume to davidjf@usc.edu.

My editors have gone on to full-time positions at The History Channel and National Geographic as well as editing on the feature THE HELP. Thanks, David Freedman
Re: FCP 7 Editor Wanted for Weekly Web Series
July 10, 2012 11:56PM
Hi David,
I am interesting in this job. Would you tell me if I can send you my resume or my website projects?


Lizzie A.
Re: FCP 7 Editor Wanted for Weekly Web Series
September 24, 2012 03:45PM

I'm very interested in taking part in your Weekly Web Series. I have a FCP 7 system at home that is fast, a very fast internet connection and a car. I'm fine with the pay as well. I can talk over the phone or meet at any time that works for you. Thanks you for your consideration and I look forward to hearing from you.

Carmen Castaneda
Re: FCP 7 Editor Wanted for Weekly Web Series
August 15, 2013 01:32PM
Hello David,

I've been cutting events, documentaries, music videos, web series, and more for about 6 years and it's become a second nature to me.

I've also shot many of these events on a Canon 5D or my Panasonic GH2. Currently I'm working on a full length documentary but this still leaves me with enough free time to complete other projects.

As a musician I place close attention to the sound and to the overall tone of all my edits.

Recently I've been editing behind the scenes updates for a feature film to be shot across the USA this October. Every week I'm given 5-8 hours of footage that I then cut down to 6-10 min, score, encode for vimeo, and upload. All in a days work, I believe I can do the same for your reviews. I'm a natural for picking the best moments from all types of media.

I'm quick and efficient and I hope we can meet and discuss things further. Thank You

Link to my reel

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