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Posted by RJ 
Adobe Encore
July 23, 2011 11:12AM
I owned an Avid in the late 90s and I'm getting close to making the switch from FCP back to Avid, but I need a DVD/Blu ray solution and suddenly realized that I can't find Adobe Encore for sale as a standalone product - does it only come as a part of the Premiere or Adobe Production Premium packages?
Re: Adobe Encore
July 23, 2011 11:35AM
It's not available separately. The cheapest you can get it is $799 for the Premiere Pro package, unless you rent it of course.

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Re: Adobe Encore
July 23, 2011 12:06PM
You can always use FCP 7's share tool until it breaks then make the jump. Too bad there isn't an FCP to AE cross grade.
Re: Adobe Encore
July 23, 2011 03:27PM
If you're a FCP User you can crossgrade to Premiere Pro for just $400 by 9/30 and get Encore (plus Adobe Media Encoder, Bridge etc.)
Re: Adobe Encore
July 23, 2011 03:43PM
Or go for Production Premium at $800. It comes with Photoshop and After Effects.
Re: Adobe Encore
July 24, 2011 04:51PM
Adobe Production Premium comes with MUCH MORE that just Photoshop & After Effects folks. The cross grade is the best deal out there (Avid does not come close):

Premiere Pro CS5.5
After Effects CS5.5 (includes Synthetic Aperture Color Grading plugin / Mocha for AE / Freeform and more)
Photoshop CS5 Extended (This is NOT the basic Photoshop!!)
Illustrator CS5
Audition CS5.5 (Audio)
Flash Catalyst CS5.5
Flash Professional CS5.5
OnLocation CS5
Encore CS5 (DVD)
Bridge CS5
Device Central CS5.5
Media Encoder CS5.5


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Re: Adobe Encore
July 28, 2011 09:41AM
I'm tending toward Avid at this point, but the Adobe package is compelling due to everything that comes with the suite. Of course, I'll have to buy a $700 Nvidia graphics card. I dunno.
Re: Adobe Encore
August 05, 2011 10:40AM
You don't need an expensive video card to run Production Premium CS5.5 applications. In Premiere Pro, the Mercury Playback Engine will work in software mode just fine. Of course, it helps editing workflow to have a qualified NVIDIA card installed. Many things, especially effects, become accelerated.

Yes, Encore only comes with Premiere Pro standalone or as part of Production Premium and Master Collection.

The free trial is here: []
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