Learning Premiere Pro CC 2014

Posted by harry323 
Learning Premiere Pro CC 2014
June 29, 2014 08:00PM
Good evening, Happy Editors,

I am transitioning to PP CC 2014.

I would like advice on the best method to learn this thing. Purchase internet tutorials - Lydia?

If there are any resources you can recommend I'd be most grateful.

I'd also like to get my hands on a truly up-to-date manual.

Like a child, I tried Adobe support. 40 minutes on hold, followed by an underpaid chappie in the New Delhi Center who was either a senior member of the local improv group or leader of an EST cult. My favorite snippy statement from my buddy, Navdeep, in New Delhi was this:

"If video product not working, we do not support". I wrote that down.

Maybe group classes? Private tuition? I need to bump start so am willing to pay for tuition from a person or website which has knowledge of the latest version - not the often out-of date-by-years videos offered by Adobe.

Have MacPro 8 Core and sent for the correct CUDA card for the old brute. Am ready for action and really trying hard here.

Please advise, otherwise I will go out and kill a small child.

Best wishes,

Re: Learning Premiere Pro CC 2014
June 30, 2014 08:35AM
Well in the interests of small children everywhere ..

Pretty much any tutorials that deal with CC will be OK for you to learn from. The things that happen in later versions tend to be additional functions, not radical changes to the way things work.

I liked Maxim Jago's stuff at [www.video2brain.com] although I think he releases stuff through Lynda now.

Lynda is also good.

And for the free stuff, check out Adobe TV [tv.adobe.com]

Now please, put down the fairy floss! Diabetes is a horrible way to go.

Re: Learning Premiere Pro CC 2014
June 30, 2014 08:39AM
I use lynda.com.
Re: Learning Premiere Pro CC 2014
June 30, 2014 05:00PM
CreativeCow.net has excellent free tutorials (most based on CS6 but as Jude mentioned...everything since then has been improvements)

If you want to see the improvements and what they can do for you - go to the blog section of www.retooled.net he has excellent recaps of everything new since the CC version in a few videos

Lynda.com is also great

the best part of Premiere Pro is it is actually FCP 8 in disguise...or what most folks who loved FCP 7 wished the next version would have been..

AND you can use all the keyboard shortcuts you are used to (it's a pull down preference ..just choose FCP keyboard shortcuts and you are good to go
Re: Learning Premiere Pro CC 2014
June 30, 2014 07:42PM
Thank you both very much for this invaluable advice.

Best wishes,

Re: Learning Premiere Pro CC 2014
July 28, 2014 04:43PM
Hi Harry,
Don't forget the new "Learn" page at adobe.com: http://helpx.adobe.com/premiere-pro.html
Click "Show all tutorials" to find all the high quality tutorials.

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