Long export time for Image file

Posted by Joe Riggs 
Long export time for Image file
December 07, 2014 12:18AM
A PNG file stretched to 7 minutes in length (file is super long 4000 x 24000 and has a motion/scale from the effect controls tab applied to it so it travels up) takes over 90 minutes to export to Pro Res 422?

Is this ridiculous or about right, considering my specs (i7 3.4Ghz , 24Gb ram, 680MX cuda enabled).

Anything I can do to shorten the time using a different file type instead of a png? I tried a PSD but it was about the same.
Re: Long export time for Image file
December 07, 2014 12:32AM
I generally create scrolling credits in After Effects and it takes about 20-30 mins to render out a 5 min scroll to ProRes. I've never done it in Premiere but 90 mins sounds far too long.

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Re: Long export time for Image file
December 07, 2014 07:21PM
If you are creating scrolling credits, you can do it in the title window, and it takes almost no time to render out. If you're using white on black you might want to go for a not too contrasty white, and maybe flicker filter it, because scrolling thin white lines can cause flickering.

Re: Long export time for Image file
December 07, 2014 11:22PM
Yeah, I long ago abandoned doing credits within the NLE. Both FCP7 and Pr, proved to be a real pain do them correctly, especially if you need multiple columns, etc...

I do typically use AE as Jon mentioned, I tried Pr and was shocked by the render time so back to AE.
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