relinking files to largeer media files in Premier -" Proxy Media and Full Resolution Media mush have matching audio channels."

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I cut several rough cuts of a feature in the most recent version of Premier using 1080 ProRes Proxy media. the DIT also make a set of DNx 2K files that matched the ProRes Files for the online.

After I turned over the project, the director recut the film with an intern using FCP X. After that they ported it back to Premier in a new project (yeah, I know). Now they would like to use my old project sequences to copy my first version.

They want to use my old project to open sequences in the new project.


It turns out that the interns used the 2K DNx footage to cut with and not the 1080 ProRes.

Now they want to link the clips in my project sequence to the 2K footage (are you with me?). They link it back and they get this error:

" Proxy Media and Full Resolution Media mush have matching audio channels."

I thought they did. I'm contacting the DIT to see if he synced the external audio to the DNx files or just used the prodcution audio. Would this matter?

Anyone have an idea how I might assist them?



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I will guarantee they didn't sync that audio. Probably a Resolve loop de lou is proscribed her here for your sequences. I may be off base but you made merged clips with the synced audio. I'm not super versed in this, but there may be an ignore tracks in the re-link dialogue.

Otherwise use resolve re-link and send back to Premiere or just continue in Resolve or, maybe they could, from Resolve send the sequence to Avid because, because.

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