Media Composer Titles--Green Newb Question

Posted by Ethan 
Media Composer Titles--Green Newb Question
December 21, 2012 10:51PM
What Am I doing wrong. I'm trying to make simple titles just make them and view them. Practice cutting them in.

I'm working with DNX36 HD footage, 23.98. Transcoded for DSLR footage. I make a title in Marque it gets saved to the drive or bin. I put it in a track above some footage. And I don't see the title.

It shouldn't need rendering.
Re: Media Composer Titles--Green Newb Question
December 21, 2012 11:07PM
The track monitor thing near the patching area... Is that on the highest track? That can be why you don't see the titles. You can turn off auto-monitoring in the prefs.
Re: Media Composer Titles--Green Newb Question
December 21, 2012 11:22PM
It doesn't seem to matter, if its selected or not. Oh wait, I made another user for settings when looking for how to turn off Auto-monitoring. And then flipped back to my settings, and now it's all good.

I must have gotten myself into mode I wasn't aware of. I freaking hate being at this stage again, where I'm just dangerous.

Thanks man.
Re: Media Composer Titles--Green Newb Question
December 21, 2012 11:49PM
The transition to Avid isn't that tough. A few things to get used to, most of them I've talked about in that article. Here:


Essentially, you need to get used to sync locks, and working in modes. You can also think of Avid as being more track based. Eg. You need the track selected before you can do an add edit or to select clips from in to out point. Add edit is basically FCP's equivalent of "through edit at playhead".

There are a few shortcuts like when you hold option and marquee lasso left to right, you can select a bunch of clips, and when you hold opt and marquee lasso right to left, you get into trim mode. In Avid, you need to select the entire clip, not just a portion of the clip, otherwise, you'll may end up selecting an edit point and that will kick you to trim mode. So where you used to marquee select in FCP/PPro, start lassoing instead.

Another preference to set is "segment drag sync locks", I think that's in timeline prefs under editing.

There is also the clipboard window. Whatever you cut/copy to clipboard goes there and you can click on that window and edit into timeline. You can also patch what's in clipboard to another track.

One cool feature is "toggle source/record timeline". Avid doesnt let you open multiple timelines, but it really doesn't need it, because toggle source/record timeline is much nicer.

I'm not a fan of doing effects in Avid as I find the effects panel unintuitive and designed for engineers, and I suck manipulating keys frames in Avid.
Re: Media Composer Titles--Green Newb Question
December 22, 2012 02:06PM
Keep moving forward with Avid. You won't regret it. I'm cutting a show in FCP now and it's killing me.

Creative Cow has a ton of basic MC tutorials online now. And I highly recommend Steve Cohen's book, Avid Agility once you get comfortable with the basics.

- Justin Barham -
Re: Media Composer Titles--Green Newb Question
December 22, 2012 07:08PM
Yeah I got Steve Cohens book, and it's been a great help. I'm not going to miss FCP, much. Although I've already seen some calls for FCP X, editors.

I'm looking forward to this new iPad app. It just makes so much sense to be able export a Bin and work on it, or export bins for a director.
Re: Media Composer Titles--Green Newb Question
December 22, 2012 11:01PM
What new iPad app?

My software:
Pro Maintenance Tools - Tools to keep Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere Pro running smoothly and fix problems when they arise
Pro Media Tools - Edit QuickTime chapters and metadata, detect gamma shifts, edit markers, watch renders and more
More tools...
Re: Media Composer Titles--Green Newb Question
December 23, 2012 08:37AM

It will be featured at the next LACPUG meeting. This new interface below is quite exciting as well.

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