Avid Codecs not working
February 10, 2013 10:51PM
hi All.

i downloaded and installed the Avid Codecs on my MacPro.
i restarted.

QT re-wraps of DNxHD MXF files work on my Laptop (10.7.5)
but are not working on my MacPro... omg it's 10.5.8! OS hasn't changed since i bought it!

i guess that is the reason, but can't find the relevant specs on the Avid Site (for codec alone)
can anyone confirm what i need ?

Re: Avid Codecs not working
February 10, 2013 10:53PM
It might not be the OS that is preventing it but the version of QuickTime. Which version do you have?

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Re: Avid Codecs not working
February 11, 2013 12:30AM
thanks, Jon

QuickTime is version 7.7

someone tipped me off that i may have DL'd the *wrong* version of the codec.
checking that now....

Re: Avid Codecs not working
February 11, 2013 01:11AM
nope... it's the OS!

took a couple of hours to come up with the "bright idea" of....
using the OTHER computer in the room!

it is 10.6.8, and all is working fine, Avid codec wise

Re: Avid Codecs not working
February 13, 2013 10:08AM

To avoid being stuck on one OS in my 2009 MacPro, I use one bay to boot 10.5.8 (so many things I bought work in it) and another for whatever the latest is, although I'm too chicken to find out if 10.8 kills FCP7 so that boot drive is holding at 10.7. Avid MC 6.x also supported in that boot. It's nice to have FCP working in 10.7 because I can send signal out to my Vizio 37" flat for clients via inexpensive BMD Intensity Pro card. The remaining two bays are a 2TB RAID 0.

QuickTime 7.6.6 is the version I use in both OS's.

I actually have five bays; I followed Shane Ross' description of a five-bay MacPro by adapting the unused lower optical bay into Bay 5, or 1, depending on how you count, and it's served me trouble-free for going on 4 years-- the 5 1/4" to 3.5" drive adapter bracket is dirt cheap. So that's one of the 2 boot drives, then there's a third drive to house client data and an SFX library, and the remaining 2 are the RAID 0 for HD work.

- Loren
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