Posted by LWGray 
November 26, 2008 03:06AM
I don't know whether this is considered a bug or not, but it's bugging me!

What settings do I need in order to put the input from this camera onto the timeline without getting into endless rendering?

I set up the easy setup all with XDCAM 25p setting. I set up the sequences with as close to it as I can get... the aspect ratio I'm using is 1920 1080. One has to use the Custom setting for this.

However, whenever I check the sequence setting it defaults to HDTV 1080i It's still 1920X1080 and appears to be Progressive on the timeline despite saying its interlaced.

However, if I create another sequence, I have to reset the Sequence Setting despite this sequence being within the same project. And if I bring elements from the previous sequence to the new sequence, it places them on the time line with 1440 by 1080! Putting two aspect ratios on the same time line.

After correcting the rations one then has to render everything... and then if there any changes, one renders and renders again...

Anyone have the same problem? It can't just be me!

Is there any way I can set a global setting that holds?
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