washed out color - McGamma Shift?

Posted by video fishbowl 
washed out color - McGamma Shift?
February 08, 2010 12:35PM
In a major bind... Since switching to a new machine and Snow Leopard, my video looks washed out when out putted....


The link above takes you to the photo samples of the video...

Photo on the left is rendered in h264 using Snow Leopard
Middle photo is from the timeline
Photo to the right is rendered in h264... Again using quick time conversion

The sweater, skin tone and blackness of the chair are the most obvious indications of the problem.

The setting aren?t so important, I?ve been using the same work flow for years without any problems...

The drop off in color is my concern... I was told it was a Snow Leopard problem, so I un-installed it on one machine and downgraded to Leopard... As you can see there has been no improvement...

In most of the forums the problem is refereed to as the McGamma Shift...

I just need a fix....

Thanks to anyone and everyone in advance for your help.

Jeff Brooks
Video Fishbowl
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