Subtitles on authored DVD are going off screen when no command was given in the STL_.txt file

Posted by Tv Vet 
I have a DVD that was authored in DVDSP and I've done hundreds just like this one that have subtitles.
I put a text on track 3 in FCP, export in XML and use TitleExchange Pro 1.9.26 to convert to STL.txt to import into DVDSP. For some reason on this particular DVD when I was checking functionality after the DVD was authored, the 2nd subtitle in the show mysteriously dissolves off-screen at 00:01:17:00 like it was commanded to, but there is no command for that to happen at that time code in the STL file. I've pasted the text from the file to show that at the bottom of the post.
I've gone all the way back to original FCP timeline and there is no cut, dissolve, or anything on any of the video or audio tracks at that time code.
I went back to FCP and did the whole export process with the XML again, imported them, and authored a disc and it does the same thing.
When I do the simulation in DVDSP it stays on screen and doesn't dissolve out. It's only after the DVD is authored and tested that this anomaly occurs.
Has anybody had anything like this happen before with subtitles?

Here is the STL text:

// Do not edit or remove lines starting with '//'
// %sftType = STL (Spruce Text List)
// %sftAppType = TitleExchange Pro
// %sftGeneratorModule: stlTextTool
// %sftProject: n.a.
// %sftSourceFile: n.a.
//%sftCreatedBy = Demo for
//%sftCreationDate = Demo for
//%sftFrameRate = 29.97002997003
//%sftNDF = DF
//%sftVideoSize = 720 480
$TapeOffset = False
$FontName = Helvetica
$FontSize = 24

$HorzAlign = Center
$VertAlign = Bottom
$XOffset = 0
$YOffset = 0
// %sftLanguage =
$TextContrast = 15
$Outline1Contrast = 15
$Outline2Contrast = 7
$BackgroundContrast = 0
$FontName = Lucida Grande
$FontSize = 20
00:00:01;00 ,00:00:38;15 ,Le Corsaire ? This excerpt is from the full length ballet Le Corsaire.|It|was originally choreographed by Joseph Mozilier and first|danced at|Theatre Imperial de L?Opera on January 23, 1956.|
00:00:38;15 ,00:13:43;12 ,Le Corsaire Le|Jardin Anime|Composer: JulesHenri|Vernoy de SaintGeorges|Choreography: after Marius Petipa|Set and rehearsed by Amanda Neeley|Julia Alcorn, Jennifer Parrish, April Osburn, Miranda Fields,|Bekah Korson, Rodé Krige, Macy Grattafiori, Stephanie Moore,|Thea Doss, Olivia Rowe, Christina Van Nuis, Aubrey Whipple,|Kimberly Kilgore,|Hannah Salyers, Laura Allen, Megan Turner,|Abbey Williams, Emily|Hart Herbert, Sarah Gunter,|Faith Beber, Diana Schulze
00:13:43;12 ,00:14:39;10 ,Giselle ? The Pas de duex is extracted from the full length|ballet Giselle set in two Acts.|First choreographed by Coralli and Perrot, then presented by|the Ballet du Theatre de L?Academie Royale de|Musique|in Paris on June 28, 1841.|
00:14:39;10 ,00:21:01;20 ,Giselle Peasant|Pas de Duex|Composer: JulesHenri|Vernoy de SaintGeorges|Choreography: after Marius Petipa|Set and rehearsed by Amanda Neeley|Margaret Chiles, Brandon Parrish|
00:21:04;06 ,00:21:20;09 ,Coppelia. Originally choreographed by Arthur SaintLéon|and|premiered on May 25, 1870 at the Theatre Imperial de L?Opera.|
00:21:20;09 ,00:25:17;10 ,Coppelia Dance|of the Hours|Composer: Leo Delibes|Orig. Choreography: Arthur Saint-Léon|Choreographed and rehearsed by Susan Beebe|Thea Doss, Macy Grattafiori, Kimberly Kilgore, Rodé Krige,|Stephanie|Moore, Olivia Rowe, Christina Van Nuis, Aubrey Whipple|
00:25:19;21 ,00:26:02;20 ,Raymonda ? A ballet set in three Acts with the 3rd Act|most often performed|by today?s companies.|First choreographed by Marius Petipa, it|was premiered on|January 7, 1898 by the Imperial Ballet at the Mariinsky|Theatre.|
00:26:02;20 ,00:37:14;25 ,Raymonda 1st Act Pas|de Duex|Composer: Alexander Glazunov|Choreography: after Ballet Petrov|Set and rehearsed by Susan Beebe|Miranda Fields, Aaron Carter|

I totally rebuilt the DVD from scratch today placing the subtitles in place by hand through DVDSP instead of TitleExchange Pro thinking maybe TEP had introduced the problem, but it still happens at exactly the same time code with no command given for the subtitles to dissolve off screen at that code. I'm totally stumped!!! Does ANYBODY have any IDEA what might be causing this to happen?
Update to update: I also tried only "building" the disc in DVDSP and playing the disc image through DVD player on the Mac, and it does the same thing. HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!
Well, at least I don't feel so bad now, because evidently this is quite a difficult problem to solve. No replies at all from the Users group I figured had more experience than any other with subtitles!!!
Since you're using TitleExchange Pro, why don't you ask the developer for help? He's quite nice and helpful (Andreas Kiel).

That's a great suggestion and I've heard that Andreas is very helpful, but the only problem is that I rebuilt the whole DVD last night from scratch (starting with a "new" shell in DVDSP), bypassed the TEP program step completely and put the subtitles in place by hand in DVDSP, and the exact same thing happens at the exact same time code. To me that say's it's not a problem with TEP, but with DVDSP. The subtitle in question fades in at 00:00:38:15 and the next command to fade out the subtitle happens at 00:13:43:12, but somehow DVDSP has put a rogue command in at 00:01:17:00 that causes the subtitle to fade out. I first thought it might be the DVD player itself, but quickly ruled that out by playing in several different players of different brands, and they all do the same thing at the same time code. I've done literally hundreds of these using the exact work flow I described above and have never had a single problem with subtitles fading in or out when no command was given for it to.
I might still contact Andreas and see if he has any ideas on what the problem might be because I am totally, and frustratingly stumped on this one!
Wow, that is really unfortunate.

Unless I am not seeing things well enough tonight, it seems like that subtitle is on-screen for a very long time (over 13 minutes). Is that what you really want?

I know it's a long time, but it's not a "forced" view subtitle.
It's the names of the ballet dancers in each song, so if anyone wants to know the particular performers, they activate the subtitle to see the names. That's why it has to be there the entire 13+ minutes, so it's available at any point in the song.

Are you thinking there might be a limit in DVDSP as to how long a single subtitle can be displayed?
That is a thought, but why is it dissolving out after being "on screen" for only :39 seconds?

Also, there are several other songs on the disc that are at least that long, and they are OK.

Thanks for your thoughts on this. 2+ heads are always better than one.

Does anyone on the forum know if there is a limit to how long a single subtitle can be in DVDSP?
Never mind about the last question on the maximum length of subtitles. This is from the DVDSP users manual:
"There is also no limit to the length of subtitles?you can make subtitles as short as one frame or as long as the track." Well, there goes that theory!
I wonder if you're running into space issues for the size of the project.

If so, it could cause some errors when things get "built."

I would suggest creating a new test project and just put a twenty minute track in it, along with just the one subtitle. See if that works...???

The entire project is only 3.8 Gb as built on the disc, so I don't see how that could be a problem.
The project is multi-angle with two 43 minute video tracks (86 minutes total) and was encoded at the compressor 90 minute pre-set. This one is a lot shorter than many others I've done (and I've done a BUNCH of these) and I've never had a problem, but I'm so desperate to get this fixed and out that I'll try anything!
Here is some more to think on:
On another forum, someone took my posted .stl file and imported it into a project they had and it worked fine.
So I did the same thing, importing the existing .stl into another project, and it also worked fine.
So that made me think "maybe it's not the subtitles themselves that are causing the problem."
So, I went back to the original DVDSP project and deleted all the subtitles after the one causing the problem, so the subtitles ended at 13:43 and I just scaled back the audio and video in the timelines to end 2 seconds after that.
The subtitle worked like a charm. OK, so now I'll trying adding back stuff until I encounter the problem again.
So, I add back the audio and video to 21:02 (which is the next song in the performance) but leave out all the subtitles after the one ends at 13:43. Problem returns!
So it's NOT the subtitles after the one where the problem occurs that is causing the problem, but it seems to be the audio or one of the tracks of video (this is a dual angle project, but all that stuff still works perfectly) that is causing the problem.
In the original first build after the project was compressed last week, all the subtitles after the problem one that ends at 13:43, worked perfectly as well. It was just that one.
Has anyone ever had a similar issue or have any other thoughts?
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