Advice Needed Using GPRM to Create a Quiz/Testing DVD

Posted by Gary Sumlak 
Advice Needed Using GPRM to Create a Quiz/Testing DVD
December 03, 2011 03:58PM
I have a customer that wants a DVD that will play several instructional videos and after each video jump to a Q & A. That part is easy enough. The trick is:

  1. he also wants to track of number of right and wrong responses during the Q & A.

    My thought is to use GPRM registers to keep a tally. I could use a bit schema to track which answers were correct ( ie 1010 binary would mean, from right to left, 1st & 3rd answers were wrong, 2nd & 4th were correct). I could track up to 16 questions per GPRM register.
  2. at the end of the quiz, he wants to display the results of the tally in the GPRM registers. Ideally, the DVD would display a generated number that would be written down by the student, and given to the tester, who would have a key for what questions were answered correctly.

    ie the displayed number to the previous example would be "10" (decimal value for binary "1010" ).

I know I can have a DVD jump to a specific screen based on what is in a register, but that would mean having to generate a result screen for EVERY possible combination of right and wrong answers. So, my question is, can I dynamically generate something like an "overlay" to display the GPRM contents?

Alternatively, is it possible to generate a URL that would have the GPRM contents imbedded, and passed to DVD@access? A dedicated page would be displayed and the student would print the page to give to the tester, or possibly have the information entered directly into a database.

The desire of the tester is to prevent cheating by the student, and for the tester to have a reasonably accurate idea of where the student needs to focus his/her studies.

Since I could not find anything every remotely similar to this project in the forum, I am hoping to glean some advice from the pros here.

If I am heading in entirely the wrong direction, PLEASE let me know. Any advise on the proper approach to this project would be GREATLY appreciated.

I have projected about 16 man hours to complete this project - 5 videos and about 80 questions. As long as the scripting is as straight forward as I think it is, is this a reasonable expectation?

TIA for any advice and suggestion.

Gary Sumlak
thumbprints Multimedia Inc.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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