STP 2 and Desktop Cinema Preview

Posted by David Eger 
STP 2 and Desktop Cinema Preview
August 24, 2007 12:59PM
If I have my Desktop Cinema preview enabled I get no audio out.. What is the deal with that. I tried all the settings in all the places and nothing works...
I would have to use my kona card and an external monitor... (I don't have the external in this room so that is why I am using the 2nd cinema display..


Re: STP 2 and Desktop Cinema Preview
August 28, 2007 11:42AM
Desktop Cinema preview works with Final Cut Pro but I am not sure it will with Soundtrack Pro?
Re: STP 2 and Desktop Cinema Preview
September 25, 2007 08:36PM
I have the exact same problem, and I have exhausted everything I can think of to try to fix it.
(trashing preferences, repairing disk permissions, resetting PRAM, creating a new project and reimporting media, etc., etc., etc.)

The only thing that I can conclude is that perhaps it is a flaw in STP, which hopefully Apple will fix in the near future.

As a workaround, I just separate the Video tab and drag it onto my second monitor. It's kinda ghetto, but it works.

If anybody actually figures out how to fix it, I would sure like to know as well.

This problem happens on ALL of my Macs, and I have seven G5/Mac Pros w/ STP on them.


Tiger 10.4.10
Quad 3.0 GHz Mac Pro
Re: STP 2 and Desktop Cinema Preview
February 26, 2008 06:36PM
I don't know about previous versions, but it looks as if 2.0.2 fixed this problem.

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