Error Message when saving.

Posted by jgourd 
Error Message when saving.
January 14, 2008 09:06AM

I had a director bring in a project which we sent to Soundtrack Pro 2.0.2 as a multitrack project. While mixing, filtering, etc. every time I hit save I'd get a warning that file xxx could not be exported to file xxx.stap. It did this once for every clip that I had applied any filters to. The stap files being written to the hard drive were zero bytes.

After a bit of mucking about (and losing 10 hours with of work) I opened one of the original captured clips in Soundtrack as an audio file project and attempted to do a "Save a Copy as..." without applying any modifications. This too failed to export filename to filename.stap. I attempted to do this several times each time trying a different drive all of which has 20gig or more free space and each time it failed to export and each time it wrote out a zero byte file. If I opened up one of my audio files, it worked just fine when saving as a project.

What is going one here? What can I do to fix this?
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