Matching loudness between clips when +Gain isn't enough

Posted by John K 
Matching loudness between clips when +Gain isn't enough
May 06, 2008 08:24PM
Hoping this is an easy fix, under a deadline otherwise I would spend more time researching this:

I've edited together a couple clips of an actor speaking in a studio, same script but different angles. She was mic'd with a boom in both shots and for some reason one is less "rich" than the other. it's not a matter of being LOUD, because even when I boost the gain so that they both peak in the same spot (-12db), the better clip sounds richer, fuller somehow. The waveform is wider too, while the softer clip has a much smaller waveform. Isn't there a filter or command to "fatten" the waveform a bit, make it sound closer in range to the louder clip?


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Re: Matching loudness between clips when +Gain isn't enough
May 10, 2008 03:09PM
You could try "match eq", though I'd generally go by ear on matching sounds. EQs and reverb mainly...

Generally, dBFS isn't a good gauge for loudness. How does the dBFS meter measure sound envelope? It doesn't. Does it compensate reverberation for loudness? Nope. The dBFS meter is only a gauge to detect audio clipping, as well as a very very rough guide to the volume, since we tend to ignore peaks and sharp transients.

Proximity effect/on angle mic-ing/room dynamics could account for the "richer" sound if the mics is the same.
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