Can't open Project file?????

Posted by Yveworth 
Can't open Project file?????
August 04, 2008 12:26AM
So I was working all day yesterday on a project and now this mornign when I wake up I go to open my project file and all it says is "Can't open 'Mel's Spec'" ... Mel's Spec" being the file name.

I get another error that says:

An Unexpected problem
type = 16777217, error= -50, message=error
Could not set channel map.

I tired Trashing the Soundtrack preferences and repairing disk permissions with no success.

Also.... And this is interesting to me.... I installed soundtrack pro on my much older Powerbook g5 (right now I'm using a brand new Macbook) the project file opens just fine... I mean... My computer is to slow to handle the program but at least I can take it far enough to see that the program opens my project file...

So the project file openes on my other computer but won't open this one.... that led me to beleive I should uninstall and then reinstall..... I did that but again no success....

ANother thing I tried was to open the project on the powerbook and then save it again and try THAT file.... no success.


I'll be losing a lot of work if I can't get this.
Re: Can't open Project file?????
August 04, 2008 02:36AM
Good clue in that it opens on one computer and not the other.
On the computer with the issue. Create a new user with admin status and try to open the project there. That'll tell you whether it's a system or a user issue.
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