FCP Sequence send to SdtrPro, Error Window:Can`t find the videofile->ExampleCut1#AE0B.mov

Posted by Rob40Germany 
At first, sorry for my bad english.
I hope you`ll help me solve a problem i got a few months.

The Facts:
If i sent a FCP Sequence to Soundtrack Pro, i let render the full video to bring it with in Soundtrack Pro

But everytime i do this, after FCP rendered the video file an export the XML successfully -> Soundtrack Pro opens with the error window: "it can`t find the video file"

This happens everytime, no matter which Project or Sequence i send from FCP to Soundrack Pro.

After a little thinking by myself, i understand that this happens:

My Sequence name in FCP is: "Cut1", After sending it to Soundtrack pro, the Application search for "Cut1.mov"
But the file that was rendered got the name: Cut1#AE0B.mov

This Name is not the one it should be, Soundtrack don`t find "Cut.1mov" and give me a Error window.

So till today i search the mov files with finder and pull it in Soundtrack pro manually.

i don`t want to take this one more day, what can i do?
Do everybody here in forum know about this problem?

Thanks a lot

imac2,8Ghz, External Firewire WD 1 TB VideoHDD, 4GB Ram, FCS 3, Snow Leopard
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