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The 7th Annual Macworld FCPUG SuperMeet (Podcast)

The following video podcasts are part of the 7th Annual Macworld FCPUG SuperMeet which was held at the Mission Bay Conference Center, January 16, 2008 in San Francisco. To view any video, click on the individual link. These podcasts are hosted by Macvideo.tv.


1. -Presentation by Richard Townhill, Director of Pro Video Product Marketing, Apple
In this presentation Apple's Richard Townhill provides an overview of the top-of-the-line Mac and how it is optimised for video production. The workflows for various codecs in combination with Final Cut Pro are discussed, including: JVC's 50P, ProRes, RED, AVC Intra, XDCam EX, and HDV 24P, 25P, 30P, 50i and 60i

2. - Steve Bayes: Video Codecs in Relation to Final Cut Pro
Steve Bayes, Senior Product Manager, Final Cut Pro, Apple, FCPUG Supermeet, San Francisco, January 2008

3. - Interview with Pete Schlatter, Director of Marketing, G-Tech
G-Tech specializes in producing hard drives solutions for video editing. They sell a range of RAIDS, portable high speed drives, and various options to ensure speed and reliability across their product range. Furthermore, they have some of the best looking drives on the market.

4. - Steve Martin: FCS Tips and Tricks
Steve Martin, the force behind Ripple Training, has been the premiere training destination for users of Apple's Final Cut Pro, DVD Studio Pro, Motion, Soundtrack Pro and LiveType. Training is offered in both short-form, pay-per-download QuickTime movies as well as long-form DVD-based tutorials.

5. Interview with Steve Ruddock, Director of Communications, Filemaker
Filemaker makes powerful data-base applications which can be used to locate data quickly and easily. In this interview Steve Ruddock, Director of Communications, Filemaker, describes just how this data-base software can be used in a post-production environment.

6. - Stu Maschwitz: Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro
Stu Maschwitz demonstrates using After Effects in Combination with Final Cut Pro

7. - Interview with Giles Baker, Senior Product Manager, Premiere Pro, Adobe
The Adobe Production Premium suite provides a total solution for video editors who wish to work between Premiere Pro, After Effects, Encore, Soundbooth, Flash and more. In this interview Giles Baker, Senior Senior Product Manager, Premiere Pro, explains how these applications have been designed to work together.

8. - Noah Kadner: Demonstration of the Sony EX1 camera
Noah Kadner shows EX1 workflow

9. - Interview with Wes Plate of Automatic Duck
Automatic Duck started in late 1999 with the philosophy of using software to solve the tedious workflow issues plaguing today's digital artists. When projects need to be moved from Final Cut Pro to Avid or vice-versa, or into After Effects from either application, Automatic Duck provides solutions which enable this is able to take place.

10. - Alex Lindsay - Affordable Chroma Keying and Black Magic Design
Alex Lindsay demonstrates affordable chroma keying

11. - Interview with Todd Prives, Sapphire Plug-ins Product Marketing Manager, GenArts
GenArts produces a set of plug-ins known as the Sapphire Plug-ins. These work with Final Cut Pro, Motion, Shake, Adobe After Effects, Avid, and other systems such Flame, Inferno, Smoke and Eyeone Fusion. These plug-ins extend the capabilities of editing and effects workstations by providing digital artists with a collection of over 200 state-of-the-art image processing and synthesis effects.


SuperMeet Podcast Credits

Produced by: - Daniel Berube, Michael Horton and Rick Young

Editor: - Rick Young

Camera: - Rick Young, Ned Soltz

Opening and Closing Titles: - Chris Eschweiler

Music: - Deb Eschweiler

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