-About Us-

A Little Background-

In April of 1999, Los Angeles resident and award winning film editor, Larry Jordan founded In his own words; "...this site is geared towards users, would-be users, and those just curious about Final Cut Pro."

Larry provided the digital filmmaking community a one stop information site for all things "Final Cut Pro and DV Creation." Along with dozens of "how to" articles, feature stories, tips, tricks, and troubleshooting tidbits, it was the Discussion Forums that soon became the flagship of

Larry persuaded Apple's FCP team to have one of it's own monitor the boards and occasionally answer user questions and/or complaints. The FCP team agreed, and (in what is now considered a brilliant customer relations tactic) named Ralph Fairweather to the position.

Almost immediately word spread among the DV community(s) that had a "Guru" from the FCP team and he was answering questions. And answering them fast.

And so they came-

On June 7, 2000, had over 43,000 'page views.' It has become the most popular DV Creation site on the web and has fostered a community of DV filmmakers dedicated to learning and helping each other with not only Final Cut Pro, but the many complex applications used in Digital Video Filmmaking.

...So we formed a group-

The Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group, (lafcpug) was born out of the 2-pop community. Established in June of 2000 by a few dozen folks who had been meeting regularly on the forums of, the lafcpug was created simply for a chance to meet face to face and share our experiences and concerns surrounding Final Cut Pro.

...And had a meeting-

Forty people showed up for our first meeting at Video Symphony in Burbank. People whose monikers were familiar on the forums at 2-pop now had faces and real names. We introduced ourselves to one another, watched our own Ralph Fairweather demo FCP version 1.2.5, held a little raffle, and had a lot of laughs. It was a special night and the beginning of what is regular monthly meetings where members share their success and failures with FCP and give a little support to each other.

...Learned a little something-

Meetings typically include the sharing of short samples of members works in progress, trailers of finished works, and clips that might need some troubleshooting. In addition, guest speakers from the creative and technical communities, showcase new software or hardware as well as share their technical or creative expertise. The meetings also serve as a networking opportunity for the members.

...We changed our name in September of 2012
lafcpug became the Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group in Sept. of 2012. This name change was to simply reflect what this group had become over the years. Dedicated to the Digital Video Filmmaker, rather than just one tool.

...And it was good-

lacpug acknowledges the powerful influence Final Cut Pro has made on the digital filmmaking process and it's impact on the future of the entire entertainment industry, and intends to be at, and stay on top of the digital filmmaking revolution. And have a bit of a laugh along the way.

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