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The 8th Annual Macworld FCPUG SuperMeet (Podcast)

FCP User Groups and Digital filmmakers from San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, Mexico, UK and from around the world headed to San Francisco California for the 8th Annual Macworld FCPUG SuperMeet on January 7, 2009 at the Robertson Auditorium, Mission Bay Conference Center. This event was the largest gathering of FCP Users and Gurus on the planet during Macworld week. These podcasts are hosted by Macvideo.tv.

Also on the agenda, but not available for podcast due to copyrighted material in demo:

  1. Christine Steele: FCP Tips and Tricks

1. Bruce Nazarian shows how to produce affordable Blu-ray
When it comes to producing Blu-ray discs there are a whole lot of issues one needs to consider which have not faced the traditional DVD author. Simply put - replicating Blu-ray discs is very expensive, largely due to licensing requirements, compared to replicating 4.7GB DVDs. However there is a way to author and duplicate Blu-ray affordably. Using regular 4.7GB DVDs one can produce high definition discs which will play in Blu-ray players. Bruce Nazarian reveals the secrets of how this can be achieved.

2. Plug-ins wont save you - Independent Filmmaker, Eric Escobar
Eric Escobar is widely respected an a director, producer, visual effects artist and independent filmmaker. In this piece Eric runs through the essentials to making a production work, and explains just why things cannot be fixed in post, why planning is so essential and what is needed to make a production come together. He provides insight into why crews and budgets are shrinking and how to produce quality regardless of the amount of cash you have to throw at the project.

JVC introduce the GY-HM100; the world's first camera to record high quality native QuickTime files for immediate editing within Final Cut Pro
JVC dropped a bombshell by announcing the GY-HM100. This light-weight professional camera records high quality native QuickTime files direct to solid-state media which can then be edited straight away inside of Apple's Final Cut Pro. There is no need to transcode or change the files from one format to another. The media is ready to edit immediately, either from card or by bringing the files straight into Final Cut Pro through the Log and Transfer facility. Craig Yanagi and Apple's Richard Townhill demo.

4. Blackmagic Design introduces DeckLink Studio



Blackmagic Design Inc. have announced DeckLink Studio, a new model capture card specifically designed as a replacement for standard definition cards, but with increased analog connectivity for wide compatibility with older analog equipment as well as SD and HD-SDI for the latest digital equipment. DeckLink Studio replaces the entire Blackmagic Design standard definition product line while also adding HD support, at much lower cost.

5. Prepare yourself for the 3rd dimension with M dot Strange
Want to understand what 3D animation is all about then listen to what M dot Strange has to say:
"A lot of the time people are aspiring filmmakers. But realise once you pick up a camera and write something and shoot something and make a film you are a filmmaker. So realise that's what you are, and you can do it in any you want; that there are no rules; you can write your own rules and make them up as you go along."

6. City of Borders - filmmaker Yun Suh
In the heart of Jerusalem stands an unlikely symbol of unity: a gay bar called "Sushan." City of Borders goes inside this vibrant underground sanctuary where people of all nationalities, religious affiliations and sexual orientations create a community and create an island of peace in a land of war.

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SuperMeet Podcast Credits

Produced by: - Daniel Berube, Michael Horton and Rick Young

Editor: - Rick Young

Camera: - Rick Young, Dean Cleary

Opening and Closing Titles: - Chris Eschweiler

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