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The Sixth Annual FCPUG SuperMeet (Podcast)

Special Thanks to Rick Young and MacVideo.tv for editing the podcast and hosting the H.264 files; and to the Digital Production Buzz for hosting the iPod M4V files.

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1. - Building the SuperMeet Magazine and Introduction of FCP UG Leaders
Daniel Berube and Michael Horton discuss producing the SuperMeet, building the SuperMeet Magazine and then take you directly to the Palazzo Ballroom for the introduction of FCP User Group leaders from around the world. Some good fun and gives you a taste of what the SuperMeet is all about.

2. - SmartSound Sonicfire Pro 4.5
Michael Horton welcomes everyone to the SuperMeet and then hands over the mic to Stephanie Joyce of SmartSound who shows off the features of the music scoring app, Sonicfire Pro 4.5 with "Smart Recall" and "Mood Mapping."

3. - JVC GYHD 200 and Slow Motion Music Videos
Craig Yanagi, National Marketing Manager for JVC Professional Cameras, shows off the JVC GYHD 200 with all the bells and whistles attached. Then Craig introduces DP and editor Tim Dashwood of Toronto Canada who shows us how he easily synched the audio for a slow motion (60P) music video he shot using the GYHD 200. Also includes how to use your iPod as a timecode slate.

4. - Red Digital Cinema Camera and the Red Team
"Leader of the Rebellion" Ted Schilowitz introduces the Red One Digital Cinema Camera, introduces members of the Red team, announces the Red Pocket camera and discusses workflow with Final Cut Pro.

5. - Sony XDCAM EX, FirmTek, OurStage.com, Automatic Duck, Quantum, and that SuperMeet Feeling
Filmmaker Rick Young of macvideo.TV talks to Sony UK Marketing Manager Carl Pring about the Sony XDCAM EX on the show floor at NAB. Then moves a few city blocks down the show floor to FirmTek where we learn about their storage and host adapter solutions. We then run back to the SuperMeet where Rick talks to OurStage.com, Automatic Duck, Quantum, and then takes you on a tour of the very crowded lobby where over 27 SuperMeet sponsors showed off their toys to the enthusiastic crowd.

6. - Blackmagic Design
President of Blackmagic Design, Dan May introduces the Multibridge Eclipse, the Intensity Pro Card and answers the question "What Blackmagic product do I need when working with what media?" He is joined by Philip Hodgetts of the Digital Production Buzz.

7. - Walter Murch Pt. 1
Sound Mixer and Film Editor Walter Murch takes us through the Post Production Workflow on Francis Coppola's movie Youth Without Youth, defines "Editing," talks about the beginning of his career with Francis Coppola and how he came to use Final Cut Pro. Part 1 of 3 parts.

8. - Walter Murch Pt. 2
Mr Murch continues our tour of the Post Production process on Youth Without Youth. In this Part 2, he shows us his cutting room in San Francisco, his workstation and how he edits. He discusses the "writing" aspect of editing and reducing the first assembly. We also get to see a bit of his Editing Suite in a "decayed Villa" in Bucharest, where Youth Without Youth was filmed.

9. - Walter Murch Pt. 3
We move to Bucharest, Romania where the music was recorded, sound fx recording and cutting begins and a three day re-shoot. We then move to the final stages of the movie at Francis Coppola's winery in Napa Valley which doubles as a mixing stage. Walter then takes us on a tour of the human brain where he attempts to answer the question, "Why on earth do we do what we do?" We wrap up with a few questions from the audience.

SuperMeet Podcast Credits

Produced by: - Daniel Berube, Michael Horton and Rick Young

Editor: - Rick Young

Camera: - Rick Young, Terrence McCarthy, Dean Cleary

Opening and Closing Titles: - Chris Eschweiler

Music: - Deb Eschweiler and SonicFire Pro

Special Thanks to the Digital Production Buzz and MacVideo.TV for hosting these Podcasts

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