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Preparing for Online Distribution

November, 2007


 Preparing for Online Distribution

by Philip Hodgetts

This presentation from the October 2007 meeting of LAFCPUG covers three main topics:

* What format(s) should be used for online distribution;
* How to prepare material for upload and digital distribution; and
* How to profit from digital distribution.

It presents the types of processing that should be done for optimal results on progressive (non-interlaced) computer screens. More importantly it considers where the value is in digital distribution right now. You have two choices: upload for publicity and promotion, which is highly valuable, or upload for profit and be sadly disappointed.

The presentation is "as is". That is, it includes the notes I used to present from but not a script or transcript of the presentation. It's presented in a universally accessible PDF format, with slide and notes presented one per page.

Download Preparing for Online Distribution PDF by clicking HERE (6.5MB)

Philip Hodgetts is the President of Intelligent Assistance, Inc and one of their "Big Brains for Rent" for targeted system and technology consulting. He's also Chief BuZZmeister at the Digital Production BuZZ.

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