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Final Tally of the 2004 Top Ten FCP Feature Request Ballot

August 2004

Final Tally of the 2004 Top Ten FCP Feature Request Ballot

The below chart is the final tally of this years lafcpug Top ten FCP Feature Request Vote.
Votes were given "points for each ranking. Ten points for a number one ranking, 9 points for a number 2 ranking, 8 points for a number three ranking and so on. Multiple ballots from the same IP address were discounted. Write In votes that were given no ranking were discounted

The ballot was comprised of 62 of the MOST requested FCP features, either over heard or posted on various forums on the internet

lafcpug offers no comments or analysis of this final list. We leave that up to you.

A Total of 1446 people voted.

Special thanks go to Lisa Brenneis, a VERY big thanks to Jim Emmons who wrote the original Java Script for the ballot, and compiled the results. And, of course to all of you who took the time to vote.


 1 Multicamera track synch up, grouping and rapid angle switching capability, 1 to 9 video tracks at least  5174
 2 Background rendering  4368
 3 Improve the basic DV codec! Make it the paradigm in the industry  4104
 4 Scratch Disk locations carried with the Project file not FCP preferences  3743
 5 Distributed networked rendering  2854
 6 Punch up the interface: More colors, higher contrast, larger interface font
T Colors, colors, colors. I've had all I can stand of the pale blue and green, and I'd like to be able to customize colors in my timeline and even in the other tools as well.
T BIGGER THUMBNAILS for storyboard views?
T BIGGER TEXT or a setting to change font size based on our particular display technology.
T Black numbering and marks in the top of the Timeline. Medium grey on light grey is elegant as hell but at 1920 x1080 on a 19"crt I'm going blind simply reading the timeline! - CONTRAST!!!!! and how about a BOLD mark at each even second?
T Make the patch bay, lock icons and autoselect icons different colors instead of them all being a neutral gray
T LARGER FRAME VIEWS or the ability to incrementally enlarge storyboard view, with a Snap to Grid which doesn't destroy a storyboard arrangement for a rough cut. Along with this, LARGER TEXT VIEW or incremental adjustment of text a la Safari for those of us going blind reading tiny print on new Apple high-rez flat screens.
 7 Mixed formats in TL work in real time  2586
 8 Make preferences project-based rather than system-based  2538
 9 My Write-In Request (click here to read write in requests) 2467


Timeline view scrolls to follow playhead or ignores playhead ­ offer option?


 11 Track Undos on a History Palette. 2278
12  Multiple channel audio input 2114
 13 Simplify Time Remap - using keyframes and speed %. Allow the overall duration of the clip to adjust accordingly. 1921
 14 A robust keyframe manipulation system. We need to be able to select, cut, copy, paste, and move whole batches of Keyframes at a single time. Add Hold keyframes. Keyframing grouping and repositioning. 1677
 15 FireWire legitimacy, please The PowerBooks have been touted as "Stand-alone' or "field editors' in years of Apple advertising. 1512
 16 Curves controls in the Color Corrector 1498
 17 Open iPhoto and iTunes libraries into FCP 1487
 18 A polygonal rotoscope tool with Bezier curves to replace the very difficult to use and unintuitive 4-point and 8-point garbage mask. And rather than making each point a keyframe, just keyframe the entire curve.  1407

More dynamic markers:

T·User color coded and categorized
T·Grab, move, and shorten or extend directly, instead of with a dialogue box.
T·Visibility settings for the different categories of markers, view a single category at a time, or selected sets simultaneously.
T·Offer a class of marker that doesn t automatically act as a division point for subclipping c just for notes.
T·Offer a class of sequence marker that adjusts to ripple deletes/inserts.
T·Offer group marker selection for repositioning, deleting.
T·Offer Reposition marker nearest the playhead, so we can move markers both forward and back.
T·Exportable in batch lists, so that they can be printed up for clients.

 20 Support for 16 bit After Effects Plug-ins and for a more recent AE API (Motion uses AE 5.x)  1196
 21 Sequence Archiving: A Sequence Archive tool, similar to Media Manager, would be launched from your finished sequence. You get to select handles, and the starting timecode number for the archive to tape. Tape archive includes all clips in sequence (with handles) plus a new sequence with timecode matching the archive.  1127
 22 Simplified uprezzing from offline to online  1113
 23 Capture Queue: A scrolling list of clips, in the order in which they will be captured, and showing which tracks are to be captured with each one.  1043
 24 Globally close gaps. Globally remove through edits  1000
 25 MIDI Control over the Audio Mix tool, with support for Korg and M-Audio and J.L. Cooper controllers, which are very affordable  929
 26 Improve scaling algorithm for timing of motion effects  871
 27 Colors to make active tab/window clearly apparent  847
 28 Arbitrary grouping in the audio mixer so I can fade one fader and move many tracks - like for stereo pairs  842
 29 Macros: Automation capability either by providing for macros within FCP but preferably by providing support for OS X 10.4 Tiger's new Automater technology. Automater allows drag and drop automation within an application or between them without needing to write scripts. Automater would allow FCP to be incorporated in automated workflows - from capture to DVD, for example. 812
 30 RT Extreme for Photo-JPEG and other codecs (like SheerVideo)  791
 31 Track mixing in the audio mixer - a mode where whole tracks are balanced not just writing keyframes on clips  789
 32 Composite modes in real time  787
33 16-bit-per-channel RGB rendering support  786
 34 Import Image Sequences (w/ option for ref or self contained movie)  738
 35 Reveal in Finder: I know that Control-click and viewing properties shows where the clip is located, but I'm looking for a command that actually takes you to the media file on the drive.  736
 36 Disengage Favorites from Preferences so that they are savable and restorable like other settings.  694
 37 Find Bin: Click on clip in Viewer, hit Find Bin key and the bin that that clip lives in pops up.  677
 38 Downsavability. No more App-nesia within major version numbers.  658
 39 More secondaries in Color Corrector  607
 40 Auto extend key frames. Set your start and end key frames - auto extend and they get bumped to first and last frame of a pic.Trim the pic on the timeline, or add a transition and they stick to the new ends. This would speed pan and scan work.  595
41 Selection of multiple edit points in any single track or on multiple Timeline tracks, either using a modifier with Select Closest Edit, and/or Auto Select via keyboard. This is a way to roll or ripple-trim several cuts at once, either vertically through multiple tracks, or horizontally through several edits in a track, and allows you to apply dissolves or other default transition to several discontiguous cuts, a kind of basic function.  588
 42 Break up the motion properties in paste attributes to allow paste and removal of selected motion properties. Reset button for each basic motion property.  550
 43 Trim edit window: Show video picture (instead of lame speaker icons) on audio only edits.
Show audio waveforms instead of lame speaker icons.
 44 Option to restrict reconnect search to selected disks  512
 45 Expand Extend edit functions:
Make Extend work on Ripple edits. Select one side of a cut, roll back a few seconds, watch, and where you want the cut to happen, Hit E. Instant Ripple to that point.
New edit shortcuts-- Trim from Clip In to Playhead, Trim from Playhead to Clip Out, for rapid edits, on one or more selected tracks.
 46 Subclip improvements:
Offer a shorter naming option.
Retain freeze frame reel and TC number for recapture.
 47 Extend the Timelines timescale zooming to the Viewer and Canvas.  446
 48 Timeline Preferences option to ignore Auto Select and reclaim FCP 3 Timeline paste behavior. Useful option for simple projects without many layers.  371
 49 Work with the Apple OS team to offer adjustable column view in file navigation dialogs. Having to mouse over and wait around for a tooltip is a pain.  363
 50 Now that you have XML support in FCP 4, how about streamlined scheme that allows us to create a text based track (for subtitles) that includes an option right on the plug-in to export that track to STL format.  345
 51 Keyboard shortcut for select clip under the playhead  268
 52 Enable easier navigation in the Trim Edit window. Left and right arrow keys for jumping.  268
 53 More intelligent Timeline Search Tool  244
 54 Allow Split edit with 2 audio ins and a picture in.  228
 55 Make it easier to adjust pre/post roll settings in Trim Edit window in TL, anywhere.  224
 56 Key commands for accessing window tabs. I like Control-TAB.  200
 57 Keyboard control over and access to *all* Tabbed windows  198
 58 More clip poster frame options: Resize clip poster frames in Browser by clicking on the clip then zooming in or out. Adjust clip poster frames in Browser by clicking in the clip icon and using JKL.  168
 59 Make it easier to adjust pre/post roll settings c in Trim Edit window c in TL, anywhere.  125
 60 Text Find/Replace in the Browser and Batch Export window  120
 61 Alphabetize the column names in the Browser column shortcut menu.  119
 62 Keyboard command for "Go to split in", and "go to split out".
Shift I and Shift O could default to video in and out, as it does now but sometimes, when I'm in the viewer, I need to go to my Audio in or out.

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