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Top Ten Feature Request results

February, 2002

Final Tally of the 2002 Top Ten FCP Feature Request Ballot

The below chart is the final tally of this years lafcpug Top ten FCP Feature Request Vote.
Votes were given "points for each ranking. Ten points for a number one ranking, 9 points for a number 2 ranking, 8 points for a number three ranking and so on. Multiple ballots from the same IP address were discounted. Write In votes that were given no ranking were discounted

The ballot was comprised of 53 of the MOST requested FCP features, either over heard or posted on the forums at and elsewhere

lafcpug offers no comments or analysis of this final list. We leave that up to you.

A Total of 566 people voted.

Special thanks go to Lisa Brenneis, Ralph Fairweather and a VERY big thanks to Jim Emmons who wrote the original Java Script for the ballot, and compiled the results. And, of course to all of you who took the time to vote.

See you on the forums.

Rank Label Item Score
1 BG rendering Background rendering 1900
2 Preserve renders Turning off track visibility doesn't delete render files 1498
3 TL navigation Make Timeline navigation THE BEST 1371
4 Audio console Full built-in audio mixing console 1286
5 Multi-cam Complete multi-camera editing solution 1262
6 RT Audio mix Real-time audio mixing 1253
7 Improve titler Improved Titler 1232
8 Write-in Write-in request Note: Write Ins can be found HERE 1179
9 Speed changes Enable smooth curves and keyframes for speed changes 1007
10 24p editing Integrated 24p and film editing support 995
11 Scratch disks Option to assign scratch disks by project, not application-wide 914
12 CD audio Audio import from CD 812
13 Custom KB Customizable keyboard 774
14 AE support More and better After Effects filter support 766
15 TC break recover Add an option to automatically start new capture after TC break 766
16 RT layers Enable more real time layers 756
17 Remove gaps Add "remove all gaps" command 657
18 Print Add "print to paper" 626
19 Vector graphics Vector graphics support 622
20 Label undos Add labels to the "undo" list 619
21 Sync V/C Gang sync Viewer and Canvas 577
22 Capture first Optimize "capture first, log second" workflow 575
23 Dynamic trim Live dynamic trimming 566
24 KF editing Improve keyframe and curve editing 487
25 OMF exports OMF audio exports should support levels and pan information 469
26 TL tracks Resize individual Timeline tracks 432
27 Capture Integrate start/stop detection into capture 418
28 Waveforms Show waveforms on selected clips and tracks only 404
29 Trim Edit Enable audio scrubbing and audio waveforms in Trim Edit window 367
30 Audio Double system production audio support 359
31 Render beep Beep when render is finished 335
32 MM preview Media Manager shows a preview at individual file level 314
33 Audio renders Preserve audio render files 313
34 Nested renders Option for nested pre-rendering operation 308
35 Zoom "Zoom to selection" has to be separated from "zoom to playhead" 281
36 Scrubbing Improve audio playback quality for double-speed scrubbing 260
37 DVD Add "Export marker list" feature for DVD authoring 234
38 MM names Option to "use Browser and Timeline clip names" in Media Manager 208
39 Capture markers Allow setting of markers during "capture now" and "capture clip" 204
40 Track shortcuts Add track shortcut menu options "make track above" and "make track below" 204
41 Nav palette A navigation and info palette 197
42 Ripple cut Make a "ripple delete" copy the deleted clips to the clipboard 188
43 Play M-M Add a "play marker to marker" 170
44 Find "Find" feature to search markers and marker comments 147
45 Auto-peak Allow auto-peak detection threshold for values lower than 0dB 140
46 Aux TC Auxiliary timecode in EDL export 129
47 Subclips "Promote subclips to master clips" command 120
48 Naming User control over auto-naming conventions 115
49 Invert Add a new "invert selection" command 110
50 Find/Replace "Find/replace text" feature in the Browser and Timeline 85
51 Marker comments Preserve marker comments on conversion to subclips 79
52 Subclip naming Make auto-numbering of subclip MM files agree with Browser subclip-names 67
53 Subclip markers When converting markers to subclips, use only the marker name 57

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