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-September 22, 2004-

"Back to School Night"

Join us for "Back to School Night" as we devote most of the evening to FCP Tips and Techniques, plus Keying with DV MattePro,Show and tell, Stump the Gurus, and World Famous Raffle.



6:45- 7:15PM - Stump the Gurus
Join FCP Guru, Ken Stone, Andrew Balis and special guest Gurus, Steve Martin of Ripple Training and Rick Sebeck of Mega Mace, as they will attempt to answer all of your questions and solve all of your problems concerning FCP. If they can't solve your problem or answer your How 2, then you get the satisfaction of stumping the Gurus. Of course you still go home with your problem, but hey...

7:20PM - 7:450PM - "Power Logging" - Steve Martin
For those of you who think Batch Capturing is like, so 20th Century, then you'll power logging. This month Steve Martin from Ripple Training will show us some cool tricks from his Advanced Techniques DVD-ROM. He will demonstrate a few "power logging" techniques and shortcuts for making the logging and capturing process a whole lot more efficient.

7:50PM - 8:10PM - Organizing and Assembling your project - Sharon Franklin
Editor Sharon Franklin will cover organization as well as tricks for assembling docs quickly using as an example an as-of-yet untitled documentary she is currently working on for the Sundance Channel, directed by Mario Van Peebles.

8:15- 8:40 - Keying Mary Poppins - Les Perkins and Philip Hodgetts
Producer/Editor Les Perkins and FCP Guru Philip Hodgetts will demonstrate their really cool compositing, chroma-key and film-look effects on a bonus feature for the forthcoming Mary Poppins - 40th Anniversary DVD from Disney.

8:40PM - 9:00PM - Break
Lots happening during the break.
This is a chance to hang out and meet and greet and get your problems solved. Intelligent Assistance will be in Lobby selling their latest creations, Practical Color Correction and Killer Titles for Calligraphy and LiveType and talking about the ProApps Hub
DV Creators will also be in lobby selling their latest and greatest DVD Tutorial, Motion PowerStart. Copies are expected to arrive at the meeting fresh from the relicators. lafcpug will once again be selling "Lafcpug on DVD" past lafcpug meetings including the must have February meeting with Walter Murch. Price will be $20.00. Steve Martin will be selling his excellent DVD, Final Cut Pro: Advanced Techniques

ProMax, will also have a table and will be able to answer any and all your hardware questions.

9:00PM- 9:25PM - "JoshKeys" - Josh Mellicker
DVCreators, Josh Mellicker will show off what he calls, JoshKeys, a revolutionary new customized editing setup/technique solution that will allow you to complete many projects in half the time.

9:30PM -9:40PM - "Herstory History" - Noah Berlow - Show and Tell

Writer and Director Noah Berlow, accompanied by his FCP editor, Loren Christiansen, will be presenting a 3-minute teaser of his latest short film, "Herstory History" - an eye-opening social critique of our current popular culture. Two parallel stories, one set in Nazi Germany and the other in today's United States are cross-cut together exposing the dangerous impact that propaganda has had on the youth during Hitler's rise to power, as well as on the American youth today. This ambitious project began as a film school assignment at Ithaca College's Park School of Communications and over the course of the next three years of production classes, continued to expand and evolve into its present form. The film was shot on 16mm and Super 16mm Kodak film and edited entirely in Final Cut Pro.

Currently in their final phase of preparing for a vigorous trip through the international film festival circuit, Berlow and his crew expect a November release of this 36-minute film, which has already generated some controversy. For more information, please visit for updates.

9:40PM - 9:50PM - Collection of work - Rick Sebeck - Show and Tell
Rick Sebeck, Senior Editor at Mega Mace Post and efx boutique will show off how a successful post production company can survive using FCP as its main tool.

9:50PM - 10:00PM - World Famous Raffle
Copy of Nattress Film Effects plug-ins -
Copy of "Jerry Hoffmann on Final Cut Pro 4" - Jerry Hoffmann

Copy of "Inside FCP HD" - Magnet Media
Copy of "Inside DVD Studio Pro 3 -
Magnet Media
Copy of FCP Advanced Techniques - ripple training

Various Books - CMP Books
2 copies of "DVD Studio Pro" by Bruce Nazarian- McGraw-Hill Publishing
5 $20.00 Gift Certificates -
Paquito Mas Restaurants
Copy of Color Correction for FCP -
DigitalFilm Tree
Copy of DVDxDVPro - DVDxDV

FCP Keyboard KeyGuide - Neotron Design
Copy of DV Enlightment -
A copy of LiveType PowerStart -
SheerVideo Pro Codec -

Copy of Final Draft and Final Draft AV - Final Draft
2 Royalty Free Stock Footage CDs - ThinkStock Footage
Killer Titles for Live Type and Calligraphy - Intelligent Assistance
Practical Color Correction For FCP - Intelligent Assistance

1 T-shirt -
Copy of the Feb lafcpug meeting with Walter Murch -lafcpug

Special thanks to Jim Perry Ken Stone for taking pics and Promax for footing the bill