FCP on New iMAC

Posted by renny 
FCP on New iMAC
September 12, 2007 09:47PM
Anyone using FCP5 on new iMAC? What are the limitations, shortcomings, problems or does it just work fine? Any feedback would help.
Re: FCP on New iMAC
September 12, 2007 10:18PM
New imac, as in just released (the ones with the 2 tone and horrid 16-bit lcd's?) I run a lab of 32 of the previous gen ones (brand new intels pre 2 tone) and 5.1-1.4 ran great and 6.0 is running smooth as well. Limited ram hurts, but It's great for dvcpro Hd and less projects. I cant see the new ones being any worse other than their lack luster displays.

semi side note, I've experienced less stability based help issues than the 2.6 macpro's In a different lab. This may be do to the simpler class based work done in here vs the more free form work on your own projects in the mac pro lab. Not sure
Re: FCP on New iMAC
September 16, 2007 08:02PM

16-bit lcd's

I think they are 18bit panels (262,144 dithered to look like 16,777,216) on the 20" version

and 24bit (16,777,216) on the 24" version (don't quote me though - they might be the same)

Lots of sub 23" LCDs are the same. And in fact the old 20" iMac is an 18bit panel too.


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