Scott Erickson, a God, sent me this "how to set up your Mac for Virtual Clusters" easy instructions.

Posted by harry323 

Sent to me by Scott Erickson.

It's really easy and my Compressor time is now much much less.

Unbelievable to a dope like me.

Thank you Scott.

Your reward will be in Heaven.


If you're working in a networked environment, be careful. I'm at a college, and they did this on one computer, and sent a file through compressor. It took FOREVER!
They figured out file sharing was on on a Mac on the other side of campus, and compressor had sent a segment across the comparatively slow network to be compressed there. That's what took forever. So watch out for that.
Thanks for the warning.

On the other hand, if you really know what you're doing, Compressor in a networked environment totally screams! We've gone from two hour renders for h.264 outputs to like six minutes. Really!

Sure there's some quirks in the set up, and it occasionally has to be "reset", but going "distributed" has saved us countless hours of "babysitting" output renders. I can't wait until "Color" can do this.

Re: Scott Erickson, a God, sent me this "how to set up your Mac for Virtual Clusters" easy instructions.
November 24, 2007 03:47PM
...a "God"? With a big "G" even?? high praise for a render tip, harry eye popping smiley winking smiley

When life gives you dilemmas...make dilemmanade.

Yes!!! A MEGA-GOD.

wow, i'm honored, i never thought i would get all caps.

The way to avoid any network issues like what James mentioned is to make sure when you submit that the button that says include unmanaged services on other computers is unchecked, then it keeps everything strictly local.

The even cooler trick is if you are on a network and have all your computers with 4 instances and then build your own cluster in QAdministrator and you get some serious processing power. We just got our SAN running here over the weekend so im excited to see what the computers can do over the network...
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