Uninstall and Reinstall

Posted by dmonico2 
Uninstall and Reinstall
January 30, 2008 05:53PM
MacBook Pro
2gb ram
FCP 6.0
Intel Core 2 Duo

I am trying to uninstall and reinstall all of Final Cut 6.0 but can't seem to figure out an effective way of doing so. Originally, I wanted to reinstall compressor because when I tried to open the prgm up, it would automatically quit, never even opening. But, I think I just need to know how the uninstall everything and redo the whole install process.

Any suggestions? They would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance to anyone that can help.
Re: Uninstall and Reinstall
January 30, 2008 06:04PM
Backup your files and install OSX, erase and install option, and then the rest of the apps.
Repair permissions, do software update, repair permissions again and voila...
The Mac will run must faster than a Ferrari.

Rui Barros
Editor Colorist Trainer
Lisbon, Portugal
RTP Post-Production
Apple Certified Trainer FCP 7
Apple Certified Pro FCP 7
Re: Uninstall and Reinstall
February 01, 2008 02:04AM
Look in the FAQ at the top of the page --I think there is some older directions--

I did a delete and install about 6 weeks ago -

I got the instructions from Apple K Base --was hard to find tho --

If I can locate instruction them I will post --

Its only about 6 files that get deleted --

Fixed my problem --Jay --
Re: Uninstall and Reinstall
February 01, 2008 11:51AM
There is a nifty new tool by Jason Perr that does it for you. Check it out


Michael Horton
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