audio fix

Posted by davidblumenfeld 
audio fix
October 08, 2010 04:43AM
I recorded some audio in an interview too hot and it's clipped. There isn't too much 2 minutes or so I'd like to try and salvage before I ask the subject to redo it. Any suggestions on fcp audio filters to try, or any great audio guys out there that I could sent the clip to to try and fix for me?
Re: audio fix
October 08, 2010 01:19PM
My experience is - save yourself a lot of wasted time - re-record the two minutes. Peaked audio is like video white at 120 IRE - you can't recover it to anything resembling usefulness.
Re: audio fix
October 09, 2010 06:14AM
What he said. In less technical terms, when audio clips, information is permanently and irrevocably lost. You can pull the levels down, but you'd just end up with a white-hot mass of distortion at slightly reduced volume. There's no way to reconstruct whatever sound information was slamming into the microphone at the time that that recording was made.

It's always humiliating to go back to somebody and say something has to be redone because of a technical glitch, but in a lot of cases you can get away with being a bit vague about it. Not to the point of deceptiveness, but saying there was a "problem with the location sound recording" is more face-saving than disclosing that you made a dumb mistake which you've learned not to repeat. Or whatever the whole truth is.

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