24p BluRay

Posted by ClayC 
24p BluRay
September 22, 2014 05:12AM
I've searched this one extensively and have come up with tons of bad information and nothing useful. Hoping Gerard or Jude or someone has an answer;

The task at hand: How do I create a 24p BluRay that doesn't stutter but plays smoothly in PAL land (Europe)? No menus, no addedd content, just a simple autoplay screener.

Working in Encore is painful, but I can get a BluRay burned if I create an .iso file and then use Apple's Disk Utility to burn a BluRay disk (instead of just a data disk). That all works, but I can't get a 24p disk out the door that doesn't stutter and skip frames.

I can, however, make a 25p disk the plays perfectly, so I'm assuming the answer lies in the settings. I can also make a 25p BluRay from a 24p sequence by using interpret footage upon import in Premiere and then playing out a ProRes QuickTime to transcode in Encore.

Encore asks for PAL or NTSC upon setup. I obviously don't want PAL or NTSC, just 1920x1080p24 at 50hz.

Encore also asks for the data rate. Is it true that setting it at max 40 mbps will overtask most consumer players? I haven't tried lower data rates yet, so maybe that's my mistake?

Re: 24p BluRay
September 22, 2014 07:27PM
Is 24p at 50Hz a realistic option? I've not had to deal with any 24p, so I'm certainly no expert, but I thought it was generally converted o 25 for PAL uses.

Re: 24p BluRay
September 24, 2014 08:40AM
I don't know that much about Blu Ray. It should support 24 fps. I am guessing PAL would be the option, since 24 fps in the NTSC world is 23.976. The issue is if there is an analog conversion. Then the signal needs to be 50i. Then the pull down would be a different one from what you'll expect.

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