Posted by Richard Clark 
July 03, 2001 11:33PM
<HTML>I am interested in receiving resumes from young, experienced, freelance assistant editors.
No college degrees required.
Avid, FCP experience essential. Photoshop, After Effects may come in handy.
Common sense, humour, focus and curiosity would go a long way as would initiative.
Please send your resume, work experience and references by SNAIL MAIL to my address as per the [CONTACT] link on my website >< Absolutely no phone calls or emails.</HTML>
Re: Assistants
July 12, 2001 12:11AM
<HTML>I can understand that you want your assistants to have experience...I can REALLY appreciate that they don't need a college education...But, what's with the "young" request? Is that your way of hinting that the job pays beans?

Being a freelance TV person who is getting into editing a little late in life...I found your "young" reference to be a bit offensive! Wuz up wit that? (intentional young/hip reference)

Re: Assistants
July 22, 2001 12:28PM
<HTML>I agree with the other post about the "young" requirement. I'd like you to spell out just what age and characteristics you require when you specify "young". Does it mean no pay, naive about being exploited, or what? . . . tell us.</HTML>
Re: Assistants
July 22, 2001 01:45PM
<HTML>I do not recall having received a resume from either of these people and therefore I cannot and will not enter into a dialogue regarding your postings. In place I will offer the following.
1. My reputation and integrity.
2. "Young" adj. 1. not far advanced in life, development, or existence, not yet old.
2. a. immature or inexperienced.
b. youthful
c. felt in or characteristic of youth ( young love; young ambition).
quoted verbatim from Oxford Concise English Dictionary.</HTML>
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