Any body have access to an Intel-A-Jib with Varizoom remote Pan & Tilt Head???
August 02, 2007 08:58PM
We're shooting our first feature with GREAT NAMES. It's a SAG Ultra Low Budget and the only thing we're missing is a 10 foot jib with remote head for our HVX 200.

We've got about a $1000 for a 16 day shoot - Aug 5 -28 and we can also offer an Associate Producer Credit.

We're desperate for this jib and we know it would rent for more from the rental houses. We're looking for a MAJOR FAVOR if anyone has access. We have all insurance. Paperwork. We'd treat it with utmost care, of course.

A million thanks in advance if anyone could come to our rescue.

Geno - - for filmmaker references.
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